Water Transmission from Persian Gulf to South–East of the Iran’s Industries

The Client:WASCO (Water Transmission from Persian Gulf Co.)

The Consultant:Toossab Consulting Engineers Company

Consortium:115 KSI, consists of 115K JV (115 Construction Co. & Kowsar Water Co.), Iran Spiral Co., Kerman Tablo Co. & Shimbar Co.


Type of Contract: PCF



The reasons of the Plan


§  The large volume of iron ore mines, steel and copper industries

§  Massive development plans of Mining Industries

§  Lack of water resources in the plan area on the basis of water plan studies of Gole-Gohar Iron Ore Complex, National Iranian Copper Industries Company and  Chadormalu Mining & Industrial Co. (Kerman, Yazd and Hormozgan Provinces)

§  Lack of water resources in the adjacent area

§  The studies of consultant show that the transferring of iron ore, copper ore, concentrate and pelletizing from the mines to Bandar Abbas would be much more expensive than the transmission of desalinated water from Persian Gulf to the mentioned mines and industries for further processing.

§  Therefore, desalination of Persian Gulf water and transmitting the desalinated water is the only way to provide stable water needs of above mentioned industries.


General specifications of Second Part

 In the second part, the water will be pumped from a reservoir built at the end of first part (Gole-Gohar reservoir) by steel pipeline with Nominal Diameter of 1,400 mm, 1,500, and 1,000 mm toward Sarcheshmeh Copper Complex. The second part with the length of 151 km will transfer the water with the flow rate of 2.7 m3/s to the Sarcheshmeh Copper Complex from the level of 1,805 m to the levels of 2,750 m from Sea level. This line has four pumping stations with the total power Consumption of 45 MW and the total pumping head is 1,250 m and the working pressure of transmission line will change from 16 bar to 40 bar over the line depending on topography conditions of path and the locations of pumping stations.


The capacity of the Water Transmission Pipeline

65 million m3/year

Starting Point

Gole - Gohar Reservoir

Ending Point

Sarcheshmeh Copper Reservoir

The length of the path

151 km

The length of gravity portion

57 km

The length of pumping portion

94 km

Type of pipe


Type of steel

St-52, St-37

Nominal diameter of pipe

1,500, 1,400, 1,000 mm

The thickness of steel sheet

9.53, 12.70,14.29,15.88 mm

Approximate weight of required sheet

77,000 ton

Internal Coating


External Coating

Three-layer polyethylene

Contract Type