Bandar Abbas 100.000 m3/D Desalination Plant

Because of the lack of surface and underground water resources in Bandar Abbas city (and the entire south-east region of Iran), desalinating sea water is a good option for supplying water demands in that region.  This project is the largest RO desalination plant in Iran and it would supply potable water for about 450,000 people after startup.


Soil and water studies

The quality of the water resources, and especially elimination of the main elements in the water, is the major factor in designing the desalinating processes and converting to potable water.  Therefore, for this reason, the following extensive studies have been accomplished;

1-      Geological studies

2-      Geo-Electrical studies

3-      Hydrogeological studies

4-      Topographical and Hydrographical studies

5-      Path survey and initial design of Water Transmission Pipeline

6-      Beach well vs direct pumping sea water study