Water Transmission/ Distribution to the Farahan city villages – Construction of Reservoirs


Project Specifications:


Client: Abfar Makazi Co.


Consultant: Ab Zist Farayand Consulting Engineers Co.


Type of Contract: PC


Date of Contract: 2012


Project Length: 80 Days


Project Progress: Completed


Location and purpose of the project:


The Farahan region is located at 45 Kilometers of the Arak city. Wheat and barley is planted in dry farming method in this region and rural water needs were supplied by well since years ago. Due to the population growth as well as efforts to prevent people migration from villages to the cities in order to develop agriculture, the water supply of regional villages is more crucial than before. In this regard, Abfar Markazi Co. initiated Concrete Reservoirs Construction projects, drilling new wells and execution of Water Transmission Pipeline and Distribution Network. Kowsar Water Co. has been active in executing Reservoirs Construction projects and constructed of about 1,400 m3 reservoirs so far.


Reservoirs Specifications:


Construction of 200 m3 reservoir in Kazemabbad village


Construction of 500 m3 reservoir in Talkhab village


Construction of 200 m3 reservoir in Talkhab village


Construction of 300 m3 reservoir in Salimabbad village


Construction of 150 m3 reservoir in Arezomand village

Construction of 20 m3 reservoir in Arezomand village